What is DRTY?

     DRTY (n.) means to be different; it means to lead, to stand out because of your work ethic, to do what others are not willing to do!  It's a mindset and a brand built to inspire athletes and individuals to be different than their peers.   We provide clothing & accessories for athletes on and off the field while showcasing work ethic, consistency, and heart.  Highlighting athletes who represent what we stand for and telling stories of the ones who work hard for something bigger than themselves.  In hopes to help others succeed, we built this brand to show that you can truly do anything you put your mind to.  On the other hand, people always have something to say about your decisions and mistakes, so this brand was built on the persona to do what they say you can't... You can never fail if you never stop trying.  F*ck What They Think.  This is only the beginning and we hope you can support the process as we plan to build consistently.  It's okay to be different, It's okay to stand out, It's okay to be yourself.  Be the standard, be the person everyone looks up to.  Be Different, Be DRTY.

Our Mission: To inspire athletes to be different, to work hard for what they want and to build a community and generation of leaders.  To be the brand that we wish we had as kids!

Dane Despars Sophomore season Golden West College

Coach, Creative Director, and Founder of DRTY- Dane Despars is a visionary for hard work and perseverance.  Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California.  He attended Edison High school (2017-2021), playing football as a student athlete, where he was awarded 1st team all sunset league and Most Inspirational.  He furthered his education studying business marketing and communication as well with his athletic career at Goldenwest College.  Dane retired from football in 2023 to start his business and coaching career.  One of the hardest working individuals you will meet, Dane is a guy you wanted on your team.  A very passionate, hard working, and kind person who puts others before himself.  

Dane Despars- I wanted to create a brand for people like me, people who have been doubted, people with a chip on their shoulder, undersized and something to prove.  I want to make an impact on the biggest stage.  I love seeing growth in others, myself, and DRTY Collective.  We're going to keep taking this brand to new heights one day at a time.  My mission is to help and teach athletes about work ethic and character all around the world. 

Be Different, be DRTY.


     Always Keep Evolving - Dane Despars